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Dr Damian Muñoz
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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Laminotomy and Foraminotomy Procedures


Laminotomy and Foraminotomy Procedures

Have you suffered from severe back pain with radiculopathy or radiation of pain into the extremities? Has your pain not responded to conventional treatments such as rest, analgesics, prescription pain medication, physical therapy, or chiropractic manipulation after three months?
The laminotomy and foraminotomy procedures from the Bonati Spine Institute have been designed to treat patients suffering these problems. They also can treat degenerative disc disease, foraminal spinal stenosis or spinal arthritis.
A laminotomy is the partial removal of the lamina (the roof over the neural canal) to gain access to the affected nerve root. The Bonati Spine Procedures- Laminotomy is normally performed in conjunction with foraminotomies, laser and/or endoscopic discectomies. At other medical facilities, when performing traditional open back or cervical spine surgery, most surgeons include a total laminectomy (a complete removal or extraction of the lamina) to increase the amount of space available for neural tissue. At the Bonati Spine Institute, we use a less invasive approach by doing a Laminotomy.
A Bonati Spine Institute Foraminotomy increases the space of the foramen (the opening or hole where the nerves exit the spine). Bone spurs, facet arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and bulging and/or herniated discs can narrow this foramen. In a foraminotomy, some of the bone is cut to widen the nerve root opening. The surgeon may remove disc fragments and problematic bone from the back of the vertebrae. Foraminotomies take the pressure off of nerves.
These two procedures embody the Bonati advantages. To learn more about the Bonati advantages please visit: http://www.bonati.com/advantages.

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